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I entered the course I applied for with this portfolio :-)

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Other links where you can also find my work:

my older portfolio


a video I directed and animated for an artistic collective named Lóbula


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Letter of Intention

Simão Pereira (also known as SIM MAU)
Av. Dr. Ricardo Ribeiro Leitão, Nº 14, 6ºF
2745-770 Massamá, Portugal

Dear Admission Board

I am applying for admission to the bachelor degree in GRAPHIC STORYTELLING. 

I strongly wish to attend this course, because I am very interested in making comics, graphic novels, pictures books and maybe even storyboards. I am determined to improve my skills in image creation, in organizing images in sequence and distributing them on the page so that they cause the strongest impression on the reader. That also means I am very interested in exploring illustration techniques.

I also expect The Animation Workshop will help me to introduce my work in the market as in Portugal the financial crisis is making artists’ life really hard.

For the last one year and a half I have been attending a graduation course in Design and Multimedia Animation (Design e Animação Multimédia). I have mostly improved my drawing skills as well as character creation. I also studied Ceramics in secondary school and did a weeklong workshop of etching and other art and animation related workshops. I was also selected for JOVENS CRIADORES 2014 contest (Young Creators 2014) in the comics’ category with ‘Postmodern Lovers’, a work which is included in my admission portfolio.

In terms of software knowledge I can work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, basic level. My world creation was made with Adobe Illustrator.
My ambition is to be able to create my own comic books and graphic novels with narrative depth, but above all to create works that are visually appealing and as original as possible. Although erotic and subversive themed comics are my main focus, but I am open to any genre, as long as I am able to convey my ideas and discover new ones in the process of making it. Afterwards I would also like to do illustration of almost any kind, but I would be very interested in exploring fashion illustration.

I have been influenced by Portuguese comiczine makers like Pedro Burgos, João Fazenda, Filipe Abranches, José Feitor and Amanda Baeza. Their fresh and rough approach has grabbed my attention, mostly because they have found a path that is registered in the observers mind with great economy of visual elements. Besides these, I also admire the Italian artist Lorenzo Mattotti. My goal is to achieve  such sensibility , beauty and ability of subverting the rules of  Physics, like making shadows that only make sense graphically on the page, as it happens in ‘Stigmata’, or even using the colors to perfectly set the ambience with such power and as surprisingly as in his version of  ‘Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde’. Matotti’s art pieces also have the sensual yet intellectually provocative aesthetics that I am looking for in my own work. I see his career as a comic book creator that also managed to be a fashion illustrator, as an example of career I would like to follow.

My favorite film of all times is ‘The Matrix’, because it is visually astonishing: the greenish and blue color palette conveys the mood of the movie; the design of the costumes really helps to build the cyber punk characters; the scenarios are overwhelming; the fight scenes’ choreographies are as stylized as an aggressive form of dance; the cinematography is brilliant and the directors were able to impress the audiences with never seen special effects, the bullet time effect. However, it was the story that caused the biggest impact on me. The whole plot revolves around the idea that the individual must subvert a pre-settled oppressing order, so that he reaches enlightenment ; it is a revolution against a rotten system. Besides, the Wachowsky brothers were able to put in the movie a lot of ancient philosophical thinking under a new light. As Peter B. Lloyd said in the documentary ‘Philosophy and the Matrix- Return to the Source’: “this is (George) Berkeley for a popular mass audience”. Even today, every time I watch it, it makes me question Life. 

When I was young I travelled with my parents to Belgium, France, Spain and Brazil. When I turned 18 my mother offered me a plane ticket to Paris and I spent an entire week alone there. Nevertheless, the travel that changed me the most was the one I did one and a half year ago. I migrated to the countryside, within my home country to a place called Portalegre. I went there to study because the graduation course I wanted only existed there. I learned how to live without parents or my old friends around or the constant fun of the capital city. I come from the suburbia of Lisbon, so going there was quite a shock and it forced me to grow up.

To finance myself I plan to use some savings, to search for a scholarship to help me pay the bills and, if possible, I will work part-time.

I do hope to be allowed to become part of the Graphic Storytelling class of 2015.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,
Simão Pereira

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Life Drawings


World Creation

In some distant islands there was once a small tribe. Over the time the people of that community died. The only person that survived was a pregnant woman. She carries the legacy of her ancestors and the hope of a future in which the memory of the deceased ones is still alive. This universe combines fantasy with sorrow.



 the character in motion

 a deity and a magical container

Story (childhood memory)

I remember I was about 6 years old when some friends of my parents came from the south of the country to visit us. They were two couples and they brought their children with them, four girls.
My sister and our friends’ daughters were in their early teens and although we could all have fun together, they kept reminding me that they were a bit more grown up than me.I would give my best not to stay behind, to follow them everywhere and to do whatever they did, but the task was a bit difficult, especially because being the youngest of the gang meant they would also sometimes spoil me as if I was some kind of baby doll.
Anyway, as I didn’t see them that often, I had been anticipating this meeting with high excitement and as soon as they arrived we went right to my bedroom to play. And you know how it works when kids are together-magic things start happening. I had this super noisy black electronic guitar toy that I lent to one of girls. She was rocking like a star, everybody was enjoying themselves, jumping , singing and going wild .  Suddenly “Bang!” In the middle of this chaotic fun, while I was joyfully dancing, that cursed fake guitar flew in my direction, hitting my head hard.
After a brief moment of shock I suddenly burst into tears. Well, as surprising as this may sound, she had cracked my skull and it didn’t take long between my cry for help and my parents taking me to hospital.
During the car travel everybody was calm except for me, who was frightened to death. I can still remember that my godfather happened to phone my parents when we were heading to hospital and my mother asked me if I wanted to speak with him. “No”, I answered. Come on, my head was broken and they were acting as if it wasn’t a big deal! I could die at any moment and they were asking me to say “hi”? How outrageous! I mean, it wasn’t my arm that was broken, it was my head, which meant anything could enter in there. I would probably go mad if some nasty microbes entered my brain. In addition to being worried about my future mental health, I was also unhappy about wasting the day in the hospital and losing the opportunity to be with my beloved friends.
Summing up, the whole situation seemed to me as complete tragedy! Fortunately for me at hospital they managed to sew my head quite fast. The nurse said she could see my brains through the hole, but I think he was kidding.
I later joined my friends at the shopping centre and we spent the afternoon there with our parents. At some point we rooted ourselves in Bershka, a clothing store. Some of the girls wanted to buy the latest fashion items, but the rest of us were more into having fun, so we decided to try and get as many clothes tags as possible, just because the illustrations were so pretty. I remember not being brave enough to take the tags from where they belonged - I just t tried to find the lost ones on the floor and picked them up instead.
By the end of the day we had a lot of tags and we exchanged them among ourselves, like trading cards collectors. We also copied a few drawings of the coolest illustrations. Over time, the wound in my head disappeared, but I kept the tags and the drawings we did that day.